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Warner Bros. Discovery is moving aggressively into the free streaming or instant space after removing several titles from HBO Max.

More shows are being removed from the streaming service, including this coming one. Raised by wolves, the head of the class and the wife of a time traveler It also shows the truth FBoy Island, legend And Finding the magic mic.

The company is picking up these shows, most of which were previously known to be canceled (only to get Magic Mike Newly Canceled), off-platform and instead package shows to license third-party FAST channels.

While most of these shows are produced by other studios, such as Scout Productions and STX, sources say arrangements are in the works even if full deals have not been closed.

Western worldDeadline has announced that the Warner Bros. TV-produced series is among the list of shows lined up for free streaming. Nevers.

Meanwhile, rights to Gordita Chronicles, Love Life, Made for Love, Garcias And MinxThe cancellations are going back to the producers and studios behind them. The company is “discussing opportunities with studio partners to further expand the show’s reach, including licensing the series to third-party FAST platforms,” ​​it said.

However, these companies, such as Lionsgate, are free to do whatever they want with these shows, including selling them to rival pay streams, sources said.

Warner Bros also revealed that Discovery will show further details of “its own long-term WBD FAST offering in 2023”.

Western world “We are incredibly proud,” said creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Western world And the amazing work of our actors and crew. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to welcome new audiences to our show.

All of this comes as the company revealed that it has taken a bigger write-up on content and development than it originally anticipated. That rose to $3.5 billion from $2.5 billion in an SEC filing Wednesday, with restructuring and impairment charges related to the WarnerMedia-Discovery merger now up to $5.3 billion.

“It’s messier than we thought, worse than we thought,” Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav said recently. “You open the closet, things fall out. We are fixing them. Some properties are better than we originally thought – the talent is better than we thought. But there were many unexpected and worse things than we thought.

“All of these pitches … we haven’t had a single demonstration of a platform that could help us in any way,” he added on a recent earnings call.

Other titles removed from HBO Max this year include scripted series Camp, Mrs. Fletcher, run And Vinyl And reality series like Ellen’s next great designer And Generation Hustle As well as animated series collections.

It also killed the in-product. Buttiger movie Canceled JJ Abrams HBO series DemimondeIt was reported that the budget was between 200 million dollars; As well as the interrupted series Big D, Chad and others on the side of Turner Networks.



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