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With over 20 seasons and over 400 episodes, Home boy It has been constant over the years. The show looks at pop culture, politics and current events through the lens of a New England family and their shenanigans. Polarizing topics are continually explored using clever (and sometimes controversial) dark comedy.

Seth MacFarlane’s creation was successful (largely) due to the introduction of relatable and likable characters. Every person (or dog) brings something to the table. There’s no doubt that the women of Quahog, Rhode Island are a big part of its appeal. While only some Home boy Women can be seen as good voices of reason, all of which add humor and depth to the long-running show.

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10 Angela

Angela and Peter are talking in Family Guy.

As Peter’s supervisor, Angela (Voice by Carrie Fisher) is not afraid to show her contempt for him. Peter often tries to win her over, but their relationship is complicated. Eventually, Peter and Angela were close enough to find out that the boss hadn’t seen them in a while and that she had gum disease.

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Fans get to know Angela a little bit when she shows up as a ring girl at Lois’s boxing match and Mon Mottman. Star Wars rooms. Angela may have struggled to communicate appropriately, but her untimely passing reminded everyone how important it is not to swim after a meal.

9 Karen Griffin

Karen and Peter Griffin fight each other in Family Guy

He is known as “Tough Flo” in the professional wrestling world. Karen Griffin (Voice by Kate McKinnon) had a difficult upbringing. In the second season, it is revealed that Peter’s half-sister was disowned by their father when she came out as a lesbian as a teenager.

Thelma reunites with Peter after Griffin dies. Meg realizes that her father treated Peter like Karen growing up. To their surprise, father and daughter faced off against the Great Griffin sibling in a wrestling match. After Karen comes out of her coma, the relationship becomes (slightly) more positive.

8 Olivia Fuller

Olivia Fuller and Stewie Griffin in Family Guy

She’s young, talented and definitely has some confidence. Olivia Fuller (Voice by Rachel McFarlane) is the most famous young man in Quohg. With great acting and singing talent, it’s no wonder her mother wanted her to be a star right from the start.

Olivia shares her struggles with Stevie, the youngest member of the Griffin family. They’ve been successful performing together, but off stage, the two have had a rocky history. Jealousy between the TKs and Olivia’s affair has created some nasty tension between the two. Their cardboard house (and their hopes of living happily ever after) goes up in flames because of it all.

7 Barbara Pewterschmidt

Barbara and Carter Pewterschmidt from Family Guy

Barbara Pewterschmidt (Voice by Alex Borstein) may be married to Carter, but she still has some positives that put her ahead of others in the popularity rankings. “Babs” loves her grandchildren and tolerates her mother-in-law. Her humble beginnings help her to be more friendly than her narcissistic husband.

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Money and age are obviously the two reasons Barbara and Carter stay together. There are times when fans feel bad for her and other times when it seems like she’s signed up to stay married to her longtime love.

6 Loretta Brown

Loretta and Cleveland Brown from Family Guy

Loretta Brown He seems happily married to Peter’s best friend (and neighbor). But it turns out that she lacks love and happiness in her relationship. Cleveland Brown’s singleness and emotionless personality aren’t enough for her, and Loretta has an affair with another guy on the team.

When Cleveland finds out about Loretta’s secret relationship with none other than Quagmire, he ends things with his wife. A character with a gravelly voice (by Borstein) appears in the The Cleveland Show But when Peter (again) accidentally destroys the Browns’ house, he doesn’t survive.

5 Tricia Takanawa

Tricia Takanawa and Carter Pewterschmidt in Family Guy

She is an integral part of the community, keeping Quahog up to date with the latest news and events. Tricia Takanawa (voiced by Borstein) She often risks her life and honor as she delivers reports on severe weather, mass murderers, and important upcoming elections.

Although perpetually calm and collected, Tricia has a thing for David Bowie. That’s all you’re really missing out on. Whether she’s covering a mayoral debate or raising Peter as a way to expose his father-in-law, Tricia takes her job seriously.

4 Bonnie Swanson

Bonnie and Joe Swanson from Family Guy

Bonnie Swanson (Usually in Jennifer Tilly) is in high demand for many reasons. She has been pregnant for over 100 episodes, making fans flock to her instantly. She also spends most of her time caring for her husband, Joe, who is paralyzed from the waist down.

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Bonnie’s marriage to Joe begins to unravel a bit when she realizes that she has not lived her life to the fullest because of her role as caregiver. Viewers get a chance to see that Bonnie is more than just a housewife. She is a complex and driven character who wants more from life.

3 Jillian Russell-Wilcox

Jillian Russell-Wilcox and Stevie from Family Guy

There is nothing to dislike about this bright beauty. Jillian Russell-Wilcox (Voice by Drew Barrymore) lovely, beautiful and unlike most Home boy Characters, harmless. It is clear that she has spent her life being known for her looks. Although there are many jokes about her intelligence, she has some profound moments.

Her relationship with Brian fails, but Jillian finds love with Derek Wilcox. Viewers can relate to her in many ways as she struggles with body image issues and copes with the loss of her partner.

2 Meg Griffin

Meg Griffin from Family Guy

Meg Griffin (Voice by Mila Kunis) receives hatred from all the characters on the show. It’s one of the reasons why fans are rooting for her. She’s always growing, and it’s impossible not to feel for her as she frequently shuts down social channels.

Meg is being blamed for things she didn’t do, being completely ignored by her family, or struggling with her peers at the local high school. Through it all, Meg (and thus Megatron) does not give up and continues to try to make connections with the people around her.

1 Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin from Family Guy

While her husband spends his time drinking, neglecting corruption and responsibilities, Lois Griffin (voiced by Boerstein) Makes everyone like the rock of the family. She is also infinitely talented. Lois sings, dances, plays the piano and can shine like no other.

Married puts her family first and is not afraid to speak her mind. She is strong when she needs to be and surprises everyone when her “naughty” side comes out. Simply put, Lois looks like a real hottie to live with. Only Stewie disagrees.

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