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You know who’s a big Game of Thrones fan? Dave Chappelle. Like many GoT fans, he’s also really into House of the Dragon. But during his third stint hosting SNL, he revealed that there’s one aspect of the prequel spinoff that leaves him with mixed feelings. “I love that they’re including Black characters. But to be honest, the Black characters … they take me out of it a little bit,” he told the crowd. “It’s that blonde hair and old timey accents. It’s a little jarring, where are these people from?”

Turns out Chappelle was teeing up a pre-taped sketch, which both sent that aspect up and allowed him to dust off some beloved Chappelle’s Show characters. The sketch begins mostly straight, with Chloe Fineman taking on Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and James Austin Johnson losing one body part after another as sickly King Viserys Targaryen.

Eventually they start bringing in Black allies from far flung lands. Among them are three Chappelle’s Show characters: Silky Johnson, Tyrone Biggums and Rick James, as well as original cast member Donnell Rawlings. If that wasn’t enough, Ice-T even made a cameo, playing light-skinned “Larry Targaryen.”

You can watch the House of the Dragon sketch in the video above.