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Adam Summer Sharon Mariah Victoria mashup Y&R

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

There’s a frustrating lack of progression on Young & Restless right now, what with a majority of Genoa City residents spending their days droning on about companies we never see them working at, and characters behaving out of character to enable plots that build, only to fizzle out with little to no payoff. Here’s an overview of the issues:

No Payoff

The week kicked off with a wedding that should have been the height of drama what with all the in-fighting among the Abbotts, but was a letdown aside from the obligatory tension and some hollering. I happen to love Ashley and Tucker as a pairing but found it strange that they wouldn’t have given any thought to wedding vows. That said, their quirky improvs were very “Tashley”. I loved it when Tucker jumped in to remind the Bickersons it was his wedding day, but ended up disappointed at the overall direction of the story. Rather than a payoff after the months of build-up, it all fizzled into Jack giving Ashley her share and Diane signing a postnup to prove she’s a saint. What fun is that?!

Later, we had Ashley question Tucker regarding his whereabouts on their wedding night, which I thought was very realistic given his cheating past, and then deciding to move out of the mansion. Not that the entire feud hasn’t become headache-inducing, but where is the big drama or climax after all of the time invested?

All Talk, No Progression

Most of the show is centering on jockeying for positions at various companies, but the plot points don’t make a lot of sense at times, there’s too much fizzle and not enough pop, and the stories often struggle to progress.

Make It Make Sense

Victor cozying up to non-Newmans Audra and Nate at Adam’s expense makes not a lick of sense to me after all he went through to convince Adam to come back to the fold. Victor is a lot of things but stupid isn’t one of them. There’s no way he thought he was going to get Adam back in the family only for him to suddenly start behaving. Adam’s gonna Adam. If we know it and Sharon knows it, Victor surely does. So, why is he punishing Adam for making a sketchy power move when he would have chuckled with pride if Victoria had done it? Hitting back at Adam through Sally was the one thing he did that rang true.

Please Give Us Drama

In related commentary, Nate is coming off as smarmy as it gets, trying to regain lost traction with Victoria by telling her he’s falling in love with her. I hope she sees through it as she seems to be doing. Nate also visited the ranch to kiss up to Victor after being outed for going behind their backs with Audra. Victor gave him a report to analyze and some are hoping there was more to it than met the eye.

Follow the Plot Points

Over at Audustus, now known as SNA Media, Sharon is still spending her time counseling. Nick’s meltdown over Adam was another example of writing that makes no sense. Nick voluntarily placed himself between Adam and Sally and joined Adam’s company at Victor’s request — and now he’s blaming Adam for being in every facet of his life?! The Sally/Nick/Adam stuff is another story that seems to progress at a snail’s pace.

Humdrum, Should Be Fire

Phyllis will be joining SNA Media but has been MIA since her scene with Daniel and Summer in the park. Given how sorry they were about how they treated their mother before her supposed death, that was another development that was totally puzzling. I was jazzed for Summer taking her power back on the rollercoaster, but why isn’t she gunning for Audra and Kyle? Totally out of character if you recall the spitfire Summer who rolled back into town in a stolen sports car not so long ago. Summer should be going all Phyllis on Kyle’s ass. That’s the drama viewers want to see. It’s all so humdrum when it should be fire.

No ‘Young’ in Young and Restless

We love our vets but it was a lost opportunity for an entire summer to go by with no teen scene or even young adults. I suspect that Connor’s sudden request to go live with Anita is actually opening the door for the character to return SORASed. With Johnny and Katie headed to boarding school, the whole gang can return in their late teens. Lucy could be in the mix too. Maybe next summer?!

In related commentary, Connor would rather open up to Billy than Chelsea, but wouldn’t it make more sense if the kid had a huge issue with his mom’s boyfriend given he’s the reason that all the dirt on Adam was rehashed online for all of his friends to read?!

Please Give Us Drama, Part II

We do have some new storylines coming up with trouble in Mariah, Tessa, and Lily’s worlds. Per SOD, Mariah and Tessa will grow concerned that Aria is deaf, which will pull Sharon in as she tries to calm their escalating panic. Lily, meanwhile, seems poised to face a challenge for Daniel’s heart as Heather decides to stay in town. Here’s hoping there’s some soapy drama ahead!

This is my opinion. Feel free to leave your take on this week’s Young & Restless in the comment section.

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