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Image titled Iron Man Joins National Film Archive, Here's Where To Release All New Entries & # 39;

Screenshot: Gizmodo

The film that launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe and launched a million takes on comic book movies that are destroying cinemas. Library of Congress on Wednesday announced 25 films to be added to the National Film Archive and iron man as selected A historically significant American film career.

This year’s popular movie list entries include old school classics The Great Train Robbery And Citizen Ken As well as more modern fare Return of the Jedi And Shrek in the An ever-expanding archive of the American canon. There are some popular movies that most readers are probably familiar with, e.g Curry And When Harry met Sally. But whether it’s an 1898 Mardi Gras short film or a documentary about women’s labor organizers in the 1930s, there are many hidden gems that many have never seen.

Of all the deep cuts on the list I know, I wholeheartedly recommend Kenneth Anger’s Experimental Short Advice. Scorpio Rising And Tiktut Follies, Frederick Wiseman’s remarkable 1967 documentary on mental hospital conditions.

We’ve provided slides (or just scroll on mobile) to read what the Library of Congress has to say about each entry and links to streaming online.




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