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He also explained its meaning.

In a recent interview, BTS‘s Jungkook revealed which one of his tattoos was his absolute favorite.

BTS’s Jungkook | Weverse

As a part of his “Seven” promotional activities, Jungkook appeared on various shows, including the radio channel SiriusXM in New York. The YouTube channel of SiriusXM recently released a new clip of the BTS member’s interview, where he answered exciting questions, including his favorite tattoo.

Jungkook is known for being quite a tattoo enthusiast, and he was the first BTS member to appear with tattoos publicly. It started out with small designs, but now he boasts an entire arm full of them. According to professional tattoo artists in South Korea, Jungkook’s open admiration for the art form helped significantly the reduced stigma around it in Korean society.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Interestingly, though Jungkook has a sleeve tattoo, it is not one continuous design running through his arm. His right arm is embellished with multiple mini tattoo designs, each with an interesting implication. The singer had explained some of his tattoo designs in detail in the past, but he has never really picked his favorite out of them until now.

During the SiriusXM interview, the BTS member picked the Tiger Flower design as his favorite. The colorful flower, signifying his birth flower, sits daintily on his forearm. He added that the meaning behind this flower is what makes it his favorite.

In Korean culture, each flower comes with its individual symbolic meaning. Based on the day a person is born, individuals are also assigned their specific birth flower. Jungkook explained that in the “Flower Language,” his birth flower means “Please give me love.” “It’s beautiful and painful at the same, so I like it,” he added.

The phrase “Please love me” is also tattooed on Jungkook’s arm, right behind the flower.

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Even though tattoos are associated with a so-called “bad boy” image, for Jungkook, it just seems to reflect his evergreen romanticism!

You can watch the full interview here:




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