Doctors say this is the healthiest type of dessert for weight loss

Hand-stirred coffees

Hand-stirred coffees

This post has been updated to include additional expert insight since its original publication date.

There’s nothing like starting your day off on the right foot with an invigorating cup of coffee. In fact, caffeine isn’t just a boost you need to take in the morning, coffee also offers a whole host of health benefits, including boosting your metabolism and helping you lose weight. Unfortunately, adding some sweet ingredients such as high sugar cream can inhibit these benefits – but health experts say there is a spicy and sweet alternative that can help you lose weight (when you have a balanced diet and work out regularly) when added to your coffee.

According to nutritionists, increase Cinnamon And Monk Fr Your daily cup of joe will speed up your metabolism. For more information, we spoke to registered dietitian and fitness expert Natalie Komova, registered dietitian nutritionist, and Dr. Ben Schuff, creator of The Candida Diet. Naturopathy & Nutrition by BIÂN. They told us all the benefits of this delicious flavor and sweetness. Read on for their insights!

1. Cinnamon

Next time you reach for sugar to sprinkle in your coffee for a little sweetness, go with cinnamon instead. Loading up your morning drink with sugar can lead to bloating, blood sugar spikes and weight gain, while cinnamon has the opposite effect. Health experts agree that this anti-inflammatory spice can help boost your metabolism.

“Cinnamon in coffee reduces inflammation and hyperglycemia and increases fat burning,” Komova explains, “helping burn more calories and fight infections.” All of these benefits work together to increase metabolism. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice the taste of your morning joe! “Cinnamon is a natural sweetener with a strong and wonderful flavor,” she added.

Dr. Schuff agrees that cinnamon is one of the best spices for maintaining and increasing metabolic rate, in part because it helps control blood sugar levels. “Cinnamon is a versatile ingredient that has been successfully used in the adjunctive treatment of type 2 diabetes and metabolic disease by improving blood sugar management,” he explains. And, cinnamon has been proven to improve memory and mood.

Overall, this inflammation-fighting spice is wonderful in addition to various recipes. Dr. Schuff suggests incorporating cinnamon into your daily diet “to help support metabolism, especially in those with a prescription metabolic risk.” And what better way to get your daily dose than with your cup of coffee?! Your taste and body will thank you.

2. Monk Fr

A good alternative to sugar that’s still healthy is monk fruit sweetener, explains Richards. This product is also anti-inflammatory, which makes it great for your intestines, a smooth metabolism, and overall digestion! “For those who want to sweeten their coffee, I recommend using a low-fat dairy or plant-based alternative,” says Richards.

“Monk fruit is a great alternative to cream and sugar as a sweetener,” she adds, adding that it’s naturally sweet and high in antioxidants. This means you’re “not only avoiding the stimulants in processed creamers or sugar, but you’re also giving your body anti-inflammatory nutrients,” she says. Sounds like a win-win!

Bottom line

Therefore, there are many healthy, natural sweet options. Experts agree that cinnamon or nutmeg are metabolism-boosting spices that naturally sweeten your morning cup of coffee and help you shed some pounds in the process. Cinnamon and monk fruit also offer other health benefits, such as fighting inflammation, improving memory, and improving mood.



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