Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares His ‘Very Helpful’ Fitness Mantra  – ET Canada

Arnold Schwarzenegger has somehow managed to take both his mental and physical well-being to new heights at the age of 75.

The action star, who’s always prioritized fitness, revealed one daily habit — aside from his daily bike rides and training — he’s been doing since the 1970s that’s been “very, very helpful”: meditation.

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“I started doing it back when I felt like too many things came together and I was overwhelmed and frantic,” Schwarzenegger told Tudum while chatting about his new Netflix series “FUBAR”. “I realized that in meditation, you have to really focus on not thinking about anything. It helps you put the blinds on and not to see anything and not to pay attention to anything, except one thing at a time.”

By practicing meditation, which is something Schwarzenegger’s “FUBAR” co-star Monica Barbaro also practices, the actor is able to re-centre himself during stressful times, ultimately preventing him from getting overwhelmed.

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In the new action-comedy, Schwarzenegger stars as seasoned CIA agent Luke Brunner, who discovers his daughter Emma (Barbaro) is also a secret agent. The actor unsurprisingly performs his own stuns in his first-ever TV series.

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Elsewhere, Schwarzenegger was recently named Netflix’s new Chief Action Officer.



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