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The content creator — known for turning her car into a Chia Pet and making a velvet piano — gets the flexing emoji on her bicep

Fitness enthusiast, comedian, YouTube star, artist, and musician Ali Spagnola can now add another title to her resume: owner of the “most redundant tattoo.”

Spagnola lost a bet with friend @MaxNoSleeves by failing to do a “muscle up” — lifting from below gymnastic rings to above them in one move. According to the conditions of the bet, Max got to pick out Spagnola’s tattoo.

His choice? The flexing arm emoji (💪) — to be tattooed on her bicep.

Spagnola documented the experience for her nearly 340k followers on Instagram, beginning, “Here’s what it’s like getting the most redundant tattoo possible.”

“First you lose a bet to your meathead friend,” the Philadelphia native joked over a clip of the two of she and Max flexing and showing off some impressive biceps.

“Then he chooses the flex emoji to put on…your flex,” she added, deadpan.

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Next up: The actual tattoo process, where Spagnola grimaces while the flex emoji is outlined on her bicep. She described the process as “getting stabbed with ink while you contemplate your new life having a bicep on your bicep.”

“Biception,” she called it, in reference to the hit movie Inception.

“Then your meathead friend makes fun of you,” Spagnola said, showing MaxNoSleeves sitting in a chair and laughing.

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“Looking good,” he said, while Spagnola asked, “My bicep or the tattoo? Which one’s small?”

Spagnola — who has also turned her car into a Chia pet, created a velvet piano, and covered her entire bathroom in thermal-reactive paint so it resembled a mood ring — then documented the tattoo’s healing process.

<p>Ali Spagnola/Instagram</p>
<p> Ali Spagnola turned her car into a Chia pet.” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTQyMDtoPTc0OQ–/″ height=”480″ width=”269″/><noscript><img alt=Ali Spagnola/Instagram

Ali Spagnola turned her car into a Chia pet.” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTQyMDtoPTc0OQ–/″ height=”480″ width=”269″ class=”caas-img has-width”/>

Ali Spagnola/Instagram

Ali Spagnola turned her car into a Chia pet.

However, the tattoo recovery was no laughing matter, as Spagnola shared that the next day, it looked “puffy and white.”

Since she was told not to work out while it heals, she said she adjusted her workout to include squats, because “You’re not going to lose the muscles underneath your muscle tattoo!”

Spagnola also said she was told not to sweat, so during a hike on day two, she said, “You just focus really hard to stop yourself from sweating.”

When she takes off the protective bandage, she explains — somewhat dejectedly —  “you confirm for sure it’s not gonna wipe off.”

The third day of tattoo recovery brought Spagnola a revelation: “By day three you’re working out again and then realize you’re a meathead and you deserve this obnoxious tattoo.”

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And on day four, she finally revealed the tattoo, joking, “Weird flex but…okay.”

She even joked about it in another video, saying, “I flexed so hard my bicep said 💪”

And the tattoo might have been a lucky charm, as a few days later Spagnola shared a video of herself in the gym as she moved on to lifting a higher weight — and succeeded.

“I’d like to thank my muscles for this great honor,” she said.

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