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Bodied combines elements of strength training, step aerobics and pilates. (Courtesy Bodied)

Veronica Peterson is bringing a new style of group fitness to Sunnyside. 

Peterson opened Bodied last week at 2101 W. 44th Ave., although she was originally set on opening in Cherry Creek. 

“I’d been teaching in Cherry Creek forever, so it was Cherry Creek or bust,” Peterson said. “But as soon as we saw the space … my entire vision for everything totally came to light. As cliche as it was.”

The 1,200-square-feet studio, which had its grand opening Friday, combines elements of strength training, step aerobics and pilates. Peterson said the combination creates a full workout that fits in cardio, muscle building and stability in one 45-minute group class. 


Veronica Peterson

“We’re seeing a lot of indoor cycling and pilates studios, which are incredible and super trendy … Having taught both of those and practiced both for so many years, I kind of wanted to combine different aspects of that and create my own trend,” Peterson said. 

As of now, Peterson said she has four instructors, including herself, to teach the 28 classes Bodied offers a week. A drop-in class costs $28, while the “OG” membership, which includes unlimited classes, is $120 a month. Peterson said eventually, unlimited membership will cost $220. 

In addition to the standard class, which Peterson said is for “all walks of life,” Bodied also offers step-only classes and hour-long sessions on the weekends. 

“Because this method is brand new, everybody is going to be on the same level,” Peterson said. “The classes are intense but extremely modifiable, so there’s ways to tone it down … and tone it up if that’s needed.”

The Durango native said opening was no easy feat. She secured the space last year and planned to open in January but was hit with permitting and construction delays. She invested $80,000 in the buildout, which she said was self-funded. 

“This is my career, this is my passion, I left my job at SoulCycle thinking we would be opening in January,” Peterson said. “I’ve essentially been out of work to get this open. Having no idea and no control when we’re going to open was really tough.”

Bodied Exterior Two

The exterior of Bodied’s space in Sunnyside. (Courtesy Bodied)

Before working at SoulCycle and Fierce45, Peterson was a hair stylist. She switched gears and became a fitness instructor 13 years ago after taking group fitness classes and is now a NASM-certified personal trainer. 

“Having that outlet to go and release energy felt really good … and it all clicked that I wanted to be the one to make people feel that way and bring out that inner power that daily life takes away from us,” she said. 

Peterson said she hopes to grow the brand, ideally opening two more in Denver and expanding out of state. 

“The workout is well balanced, intentional – it’s tough but it feels really good,” Peterson said. “It just encompasses everything. There’s nothing out there quite like it.”



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