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Effective immediately, Greenwich Boxing is offering a full schedule of fitness classes for the fall 2023 season.

Open to the public since 2022, Greenwich Boxing offers hour-long, high-intensity fitness sessions for adults, teens and kids.

Coach Greg Loomis at Greenwich Boxing

Coach Greg typically runs six sessions a day, Monday through Friday. Morning classes, for adults, run from 7:00am-10:00am. Your sessions starts when you show up. Evening classes start with Youth Boxing (4:00pm, ages 6-11) Teen Boxing (5:00pm, ages 12 & up) and All Levels Boxing (6:00pm ages, 16 & up)

On Saturdays, Coach Greg offers drop-in boxing boot camps from 8:00am-10:00am.

“It’s a guided workout in a small group setting,” Coach Greg said. “You will get personal attention, you’ll speed up fat loss, and you will get stronger.”

Coach Greg’s custom-tailored approach means that training doesn’t end when you step out of the gym.

He also offers students after-hours coaching for an overall healthier lifestyle. 

In other words, as Coach Greg says, “If you’re slacking within a 3-mile radius, I will find you.”

Coach Greg, a former amateur boxer who is also a certified personal trainer and certified boxing coach, bases his class regimen on boxing training.

“Boxing training is a great way to get fit, because boxing is so demanding and a full body workout,” Coach Greg explained. “The moves I take you through in class are proven techniques for strength and conditioning and can benefit any and all athletes.”

Classes are open to any fitness level.

“You can start wherever you are, it’s really for anyone,” he added. “It’s an adaptable workout. I’ve worked with people who just started exercising for the first time, with new moms, with folks who were athletic in college but want to get back in shape – everyone is different. It’s always a mix.”

Class sizes are limited, and they do fill up fast. Additional times are available by reservation for individual or small group sessions.

Go to to view the full schedule and reserve a spot.

Greenwich Boxing is located at 2 St. Roch Ave, up the metal stairs at the back of the St. Roch’s Church Community Center building.

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For more info, call 914-708-6435 or email [email protected].