FANS of a good-looking teacher and fitness fanatic say they wish she would help them out in the gym.

Julie, 24, who has more than 700,000 followers on TikTok, shares videos of her day-to-day life in the classroom and how she stays fit.


Julie, 24, has shared her tips and tricks for staying fit and healthyCredit: Tiktok@thelemteachie
She teaches fourth grade and shares her day-to-day life in the classroom


She teaches fourth grade and shares her day-to-day life in the classroomCredit: Tiktok@thelemteachie
Some fans have said they wish Julie was their teacher


Some fans have said they wish Julie was their teacherCredit: Tiktok@thelemteachie

In one of her posts, the fourth-grade teacher explains how she stays healthy and active by doing strength training in the gym, counting her calories, and going on hikes.

She also shows how she tracks her daily water intake using an app to make sure she’s getting enough fluid.

The video has racked up more than 40,000 views – with some taking to the comments to say they wish Julie was their teacher in the gym.

“You are by far my favourite teacher,” one fan said.

Another wrote: “I want you as my teacher.”

Julie already has a strong following of admirers – with one describing her as “the hot teacher”.

One fan commented: “See if every teacher looked like you I might of figured out how to spell without auto correct, but until then Siri got my back.”

Another said: “Gimme a chance to be in your class.”

A third wrote: “You’re beautiful – keep being a great teacher.”

A fourth commented: “I wish u teach me a few things.”

In one of her most recent videos, she showed off her creative Halloween costume.

She said it “took days to make”.

Julie captioned the post: “It’s hard being the only one who takes dressing up serious.”

Fans flocked to the comments, describing her as the “finest teacher”.

Another said: “You are very cute.”

One even said they would go the lengths of dropping out of college to be her teaching assistant.

Julie isn’t the first TikTok teacher to reveal what life is like behind the scenes.

One teacher claims that people say she goes from a five to a ten when she changes out of her work clothes.

While another says she is inundated with offers from potential suitors when she reveals she’s a ”hot” geography teacher.

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