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Japanese Man Breaks Bodybuilding Record At The Age Of 86

Mr Kanazawa won a number of championships during his career.

Japanese bodybuilder Toshisuke Kanazawa is living proof that you can pursue your passion at any age. Most elderly people in their 80s would consider it a blessing that they don’t suffer from serious illnesses like hip or back injuries. At the age of 86, Mr. Kanazawa spends hours working out at the gym and is in excellent physical shape. He also has a better appearance than many men half his age.

According to Standard Media Kenya, a multiple-time champion bodybuilder in his youth, Mr Kanazawa retired from the sport at the age of 34. He stopped exercising and started drinking, smoking, and eating whatever he wanted. He would often look at himself in the mirror and wondered if that was the body of a national bodybuilding champion, but it wasn’t until he was about to turn 50 that he got his motivation to get back on the horse and regain the body of his younger years, the outlet further said. 

Japanese news outlet The Mainichi said that Mr Kanazawa broke his own record as the oldest person to compete in the Japan championships on October 9.

Mr Kanazawa, who lives in Hiroshima, took part in the 68th edition of the men’s Japan bodybuilding championships in Osaka, going up against young bodybuilders with exquisite poses. Though he didn’t make it to the final 12 participants. “I’m grateful for just being able to participate. I hope I can reach the hearts of others when they see me take on a challenge even in old age,” he was quoted as saying.

The Manichi said that Mr Kanazawa started bodybuilding seriously at the age of 20 and won the Japan championships for the first time when he was 24. He won his second “Mister Japan” title at the age of 27 and retired when he was 34. The outlet said that he decided to make a comeback to encourage his wife, who was prone to illness.

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