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IFBB Hall of Famer Kevin Levrone may have retired from the sport but his passion for fitness remains strong. In a recent Instagram post, Levrone shared an exhausting back and legs workout as part of a 12-week physique transformation program. 

In the 1990s, Levrone thrived as a Men’s Open bodybuilder. His physique stood the test of time, having competed in the sport for nearly three decades. During that tenure, Levrone battled with bodybuilding royalty and won more than 20 Pro shows. While he certainly pushed Olympia champions like eight-time winner Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, and Dexter Jackson, Levrone was unable to capture the coveted throne during the height of his career. 

In addition to placing runner-up at Olympia four times (1992,1995,2000,2002), Levrone reached the top of the sport in 1994 and 1996 when he won the Arnold Classic titles. He last competed in 2018 but never stopped working out and building his strength. Just last year, Kevin Levrone made headlines for an epic training session that saw him smoke 12 reps of 315-pound behind-the-neck presses. 

In October, the bodybuilding veteran announced his goal of transforming his physique for 2023. Throughout the process, Levrone will keep fans involved by sharing his workouts. In a previous video, he laid out his objective for the transformation and shared a lower body training session. This time, for his latest workout, Levrone is targeting his back and legs with a series of 10 different exercises. 

58-yo Kevin Levrone Shares Exhausting Back and Legs Workout for 2023 Physique Transformation

As part of a 12-week physique transformation, Kevin Levrone shared the specifics of his back and legs workout. 

“Kevin Levrone Transformation 2023 Training Day #8 of 12 Week Prep) Today @360fitperformance Workout! Emphasis on legs and back

1. Squats 10,8,6,4,2
2. Single kettle bell front leg lunge opposite leg of the weight 1×10 each leg
Side lateral lunge 1×10
Rear step lunge 1×10
3. Straight leg dead lifts 10,8,6
Superset with alternating Kettle Gorilla rows 20,16,12
4. Lat pull downs 10,8,6 superset with DB calf raises 20,16,12

We On A Mission To Get In The Best Shape Of Our Life..❤️🙏🏼
Kevin” Kevin Levrone wrote. 

Given Levrone’s impressive physique, some fans have speculated about a Masters Olympia comeback. Earlier this year, Olympia promoter Jake Wood hinted that the show would ‘definitely’ be returning in 2023. Additionally, rumors of the show’s return are slated for next Aug. or Oct. in Romania, according to bodybuilding veteran Chris Cormier and IFBB judge Terrick El Guindy. 

And it’s not just Levrone who fans are clamoring to see back on stage. Last month, rumors swirled about a Masters comeback for Jay Cutler. This came after the bodybuilding legend posed in the company of influencer ‘Lexx Little.’ While fans were impressed by Cutler’s shredded build, the former champion shot down any chance of a comeback days later. 

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At 58 years old, Levrone continues to make strides in the gym. Kevin hasn’t hinted at a return to the sport but hopes to have made meaningful improvements to his physique after this 12-week journey.