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Serena Williams recently highlighted her partnership with Tonal, the same home fitness company that Sharapova supports. “Tonal is an entire gym, all on my wall. It’s so much easier and faster than dumbbells because you don’t have to change your weights.

I can literally do every single exercise that I ever wanted and do strength training. I do classes. I love my classes. It’s the perfect way for me to train,” Williams says in the latest Tonal ad.

How did Sharapova partnered with Tonal

In an interview to Fortune, Sharapova revealed how her Tonal partnership started.

“At the beginning of 2020, I was at a business conference, and there were a lot of founders and entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space,” said Sharapova. “There was also a board member from Tonal at the event, who I had known for a few years.

He told me about Tonal and put me in touch with Aly [Orady, Tonal’s founder and CEO]”. “Tonal works – it does what it’s supposed to do,” Sharapova affirms. Sharapova also talked about how Tonal keeps their product on top of the game.

“Every call I have with the Tonal team we are always trying to find ways to make the products better, always listening to customers that are using it,” she said. “The world of fitness is so personal and individual.

That’s what Tonal is catered to do. It does this through the technology that’s made for you, not just made for all your friends. I think that’s what is so impressive,” Sharapova added.

“Say hi to our newest Tonal athlete, investor, and strategic advisor— five-time Grand Slam champion and entrepreneur, Maria Sharapova.

As one of the game’s most successful players, Maria knows exactly what it takes for her body to feel its best. Her ideal routine means striking the perfect balance between high intensity work, and mindful recovery. Tonal’s personalized weight and content recommendations help her hit that workout sweet spot every time,” Tonal captioned the above video, which was published in 2021.