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Shanmugam Invites Public To Witness Attempt At Breaking Personal Deadlift Record On 27 Nov

When Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam first shared clips of him attempting a deadlift, the feat wowed the Internet.

Shanmugam Shares Video Of Him Lifting Weights, Netizens Say He’s Their New Fitspo

At that time, he was able to lift 105kg of weight after some training.

Perhaps having trained even more since then, Mr Shanmugam is now ready to break his personal record.

Shanmugam will try to break personal deadlift record

In a video shared on his Instagram and Facebook pages yesterday (10 Nov), Mr Shanmugam shared about an upcoming Fitness Fiesta at Chong Pang.

Evidently trying to create some buzz about the event, he mentioned important details about it.

But the most exciting part perhaps was his revelation that he would be attempting to break his personal deadlifting record.

Prior to the announcement, Mr Shanmugam uploaded a video on 14 Aug 2021 of him lifting 105kg of weights. As he weighed 62kg at the time, this meant that he successfully lifted 1.5 times his body weight.

Now, over a year later, he’s planning to break that personal record at the upcoming Fitness Fiesta.

Source: K Shanmugam Sc on Facebook

In the video, he sheepishly admits that he’ll be attempting the feat to “encourage more people to come and watch and take part”.

A health & fitness event for the whole family

Of course, Mr Shanmugam won’t be the only attraction at the event. According to the Chong Pang Community Club (CC) Facebook page, there will be a total of 20 stations for adults and children to try.

Essentially an exercise session, the activities are curated for the respective age groups, for adults aged 18 and above, and children between six and 17 years old.

Source: Chong Pang Community Club on Facebook

Participants will receive cards listing the different stations. Complete 15 and they’ll get to redeem a sports pack worth S$15. You can watch this video by Chong Pang CC for a glimpse of the exercises included.

All attendees will receive free isotonic or sports drinks to keep them energised and hydrated throughout the event. To register, visit the link here. Once you’ve done that, here are the details to take note of:

Chong Pang Fitness Fiesta
Address: Chong Pang 165 Hard Court, 165 Yishun Ring Road, Singapore 768682
Time: Sunday, 27 Nov 2022, 9am-12pm
Nearest MRT: Yishun Station

Stay healthy while being part of an exciting event

Seeing a minister out of his usual formal wear getup and official settings is certainly an exciting affair, what more if he’s attempting to achieve an impressive feat.

Moreover, you can stand to gain from being there and joining in the exercises, which could be just the motivation you need to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s hope Mr Shanmugam will be able to reach his goals for the deadlift that day. All the best sir!

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Featured image adapted from K Shanmugam Sc on Facebook and Facebook.