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YouTuber and calisthenics athlete Stan Browney regularly takes on fitness challenges that push him to his physical limits, including trying to lift a total of 100,000 pounds over the course of a single hour, and attempting to work out for 24 hours straight. In his most recent video, Browney decides to try running the “world’s hardest marathon”: in other words, running one mile every hour for 24 hours.

“I have zero running experience and no clue if I will die in the next 24 hours,” he says.

Browney is joined in the challenge by his friend and fellow fitness influencer Arjen Albers, who points out that they don’t have the best running technique for this kind of endurance event.

They complete the first mile in 6:43, and then experiment throughout the day with faster and slower paces, in order to find the right “flow” that they will be able to keep up when running through the night—but they soon realize hitting a 5-minute mile was a mistake, as it increases their fatigue and need for recovery.

The physical toll of the hourly runs becomes apparent on the second day, with Browney pushing through pain and bleeding feet and Albers struggling with the limited amount of sleep they’re getting between miles.

“I’m just tearing my body apart,” says Browney. “It’s not good for my body.”

Upon completing 24 miles in 24 hours, Browney insists they keep going: if they can manage 2.2 miles more, that will bring them to 26.2 miles: the official length of a marathon.

“The only thing I will say about this challenge is: do not try this at home,” says an exhausted Browney at the finish line. “We do not encourage doing this. We are dead.”