Xiaomi Smart Band 8: Fitness tracker on track for autumn global launch

Xiaomi introduced the Smart Band 8 in April, which it has since complemented with the Smart Band 8 Pro. The company has refrained from offering either globally yet though, leaving them both as Chinese exclusives for the time being. It is worth stressing that this has also been the case with previous Mi Band and Smart Band generations up to last year’s Smart Band 7 and Smart Band 7 Pro.

According to Gadgets & Wearables, a ‘major Polish distributor’ has announced when Smart Band 8 deliveries will commence. However, the website has not provided a source for this information, nor has it named the distributor concerned. Thus, we would treat this a rumour for now until more concrete evidence emerges.

Supposedly, the Smart Band 8 will start being delivered on October 4, well after the arrival of the Xiaomi 13T series. Incidentally, full specifications for the Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro have now emerged online, which we have covered separately. Theoretically, an October 4 shipment date may only apply to Poland, although a separate release date for a single Eurozone member seems unlikely. Based on previous launches, Xiaomi may reveal the Smart Band 8 globally a few weeks before units start reaching consumers. Either way, it appears that this release will apply to just the Smart Band 8 and not the Smart Band 8 Pro. 



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