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Amazon is to attempting to change health care the way it transformed online shopping and one of its subsidiaries is establishing a beachhead in Connecticut.

Amazon’s One Medical, which provides access to health care physicians for an annual $199 subscription — rather a patient co-pay — will open a location in Darien on Wednesday. San Francisco-based One Medical became part of the Amazon empire in a $3.9 billion transaction in February involving its corporate parent, 1Life Healthcare.

The concept behind One Medical allows subscribers to have quick access, with no additional fees, to basic health services they need for dealing with more than 30 common health concerns like urinary tract infections, pink eye, and erectile dysfunction. One Medical links its customers to physicians that the company has contracted with in the markets that it serves.

The company is partnering with Hartford HealthCare in Connecticut to provide One Medical subscribers access to the health system’s network of providers, outpatient facilities and hospitals. Patients who need more specialty care will be referred into Hartford Healthcare’s statewide network.

Jeffrey Flaks, president and chief executive officer of Hartford HealthCare, said the partnership with One Medical “provides a differentiating and exciting option for patients, a way to transform access to primary care.”

“Together, we will be able to provide an exceptional experience for patients and recruit new professionals to the region to address the shortage of primary care physicians,” Flaks said.

One Medical had more than 188 clinics in 29 markets, according to information company officials provided in a May earnings call with financial analysts. One Medical delivers health care  to subscribers using a combination of virtual and in-person services.