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Beginning Nov. 17, Cleveland Clinic may charge insurers and patients may see a co-pay for messages sent to their physician through the electronic portal that require more than five minutes of the physician's time and clinical expertise.

Beginning Thursday, it may cost you or your insurance company if you want to message with your Cleveland Clinic doctor via the health system’s electronic portal. 

The Cleveland-based health system said it will begin billing insurance companies for some messages that take physician’s clinical time and expertise. Some patients may have to pay a copay based on the insurance company’s guidelines.

The Cleveland Clinic operates 21 hospitals in Ohio, including Akron General, Medina Hospital and Mercy Hospital in Canton, as well as facilities in several states and internationally. The health system also includes outpatient physician offices and wellness facilities throughout Northeast Ohio.

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Why is Cleveland Clinic charging for MyChart messages? 

The clinic said virtual options have played a bigger role in recent years.



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