Cough and cold medicine scarce at stores, natural health remedies available

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) – Flu season is here.

“So overall in Georgia, what we are seeing is an increase in flu activity earlier than what we see in previous years,” says Jack Lockwood, Public Information Officer for the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Cough syrup is flying off the shelves this season for children because more kids are getting sick. According to the CDC, Georgia has the highest level of flu activity in the U.S., with Alabama not far behind. Mix that in with COVID-19 still lingering and RSV, a respiratory illness impacting young kids…how would parents know the difference, especially in children.

“A lot of the symptoms seem similar, between COVID, flu and RSV, so it’s important, if you are having the symptoms, to talk to your child’s physician about the things your child is experiencing,” says Lockwood.

At Nu You Experience in Columbus, where they tout natural healing, owner Clarence Brown says there are at-home remedies to keep your little one well. “Sea moss definitely, flavored, because if it’s not flavored, they won’t take it. It’s just like giving them cough syrup,” says Brown.

Brown says there are easy ways to ensure your child takes the natural route that could knock out those symptoms.

“You can drop it in a smoothie or whatever. Some people do it in their food, as long as you get it in them,” says Brown.

Whether you choose traditional medicine or a natural remedy, there are some preventative measures everyone should heed.

“The other things that you can do are the things we have been doing a lot, if you have a sneeze or cough, do it in your elbow, keep a safe distance from other people, wash your hands thoroughly, don’t touch your face too much or avoid it as much as you can,” says Lockwood.



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