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In our FREE-TO-ATTEND digital summit Futureproofing the Food System​​ hosted by Elaine Watson and Liz Crawford starting tomorrow, November 15, we will explore three themes over three days via a combination of fireside chats and panel debates with stakeholders​​ from across the supply chain, from farm (or bioreactor) to fork…

  • November 15: Food Tech in Focus​ (precision fermentation; meat 2.0; dairy 2.0)
  • November 16: Food as Medicine​ (upgrading the western diet; emerging functional ingredients)
  • November 17: The Circular Economy​ (climate-smart strategies, packaging, food waste, upcycling)

We know not everyone can afford to spend all day attending a virtual event, so we’ve broken down each day into two bite-sized sessions of around 90 minutes, so you can register​​ for the whole thing, or pick and mix the sessions you’re most interested in.

Tuesday November 15:

11am- 12.45pm CT FOOD TECH IN FOCUS​Sustainable Sourcing for Colors, Flavors, and Sweeteners; and plotting a future for dairy… without cows

Morning food tech

PANEL: Biosynthesis: Fermentation and the future of flavors, colors and sweeteners ​Does it always make sense to extract flavors, colors, sweeteners and other food ingredients from plants if you can produce them more efficiently – and more sustainably – via microbial fermentation, ‘cell-free’ approaches or plant cell culture?

  • Dr Joshua Britton, ​founder and CEO, Debut Biotech  
  • Nusqe Spanton, ​founder and CEO, Provectus Algae
  • Dr David Welch, ​CSO and co-founder, Synthesis Capital
  • Ricky Cassini, ​CEO and co-founder, Michroma
  • Dr Erin Marasco, ​global biology lead, Cargill
  • MODERATOR: Elaine Watson​, senior editor, FoodNavigator-USA