this week: “I’m 22 years old, a final year medical student at a university in the Midlands. I’m living with two other final year medics. If all goes well, we’ll start as junior doctors (foundation year one) next summer in a hospital somewhere in England. I’m currently applying for my job next year and studying for finals and other exams before that, as well as being on placement at a hospital. Although I enjoy medical school, it’s too much: I’m pulling myself in all directions and struggling to have a healthy work/life balance. I feel like I’m drifting, so I’m trying to incorporate things that I enjoy doing into my daily life. It’s the edge of burnout.”

Work: Medical student
Industry: Health Care (NHS)
Age: 22
Location: The Midlands
Salary: £2,975 (£1,975 from government student loans and £1,000 from NHS funding).
Pay Check Amount: The loans are paid in thirds but each month my loan works out to £247.92.
Number of Housemates: Two: M and T.
Pronoun: She/Her

Monthly expenses

housing costs; £429 rent
Loan Charges: Nothing yet.
Savings? About £11.5k in savings accounts and £14.5k in ISAs. This is something I am very proud of. As a teenager I sat down a lot and when I went on a baby and child first aid course I marketed myself at a higher price. When I was in school I worked as a waitress in a pub. I got my first real job in sixth form as a receptionist, working every weekend. Before that I worked in summer holidays and sleep away summer camps at uni. I worked as a nanny for some lovely families during the pandemic. I’ve put all of my salary towards meeting university loans and (hopefully) a future mortgage (although receiving less than £3k to live on last year means I’ll be dipping into savings more than I could).
Retirement: not yet! The NHS pension is great but I start paying into it when I start work.
Facilities: Water £14.80, gas and electricity £50 (this will be higher as we haven’t turned on the heating yet), wifi £10.32.
All other monthly payments: My parents kindly pay for my SIM-only phone contract. Registrations: £20 gym, rooms and pool.

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