The 9 Best Spas in Bangkok, From Luxe Hotels to Holistic Medicine Schools

Although luxury retreats are nothing new in Thailand’s tropical island regions, the best spas in Bangkok boast a unique approach that sets the city apart from other destinations around the world. The bustling Southeast Asian metropolis is synonymous with wildlife spectacle, Michelin-starred street food and ancient temples – and its intrepid visitors come to the city hungry for an unforgettable adventure. But in recent years, there has been interest in a new tourism product taking over Thailand’s capital: health.

This rejuvenating energy comes from a focus on traditional Thai marriage—which, over the centuries, has taken a holistic approach to health through modern science and medicine. From ancient therapies such as Tok Sen massage, an ancient Thai technique that uses a special wooden mallet to tap the body’s energy lines, and integrative Qi rituals to new medical wellness retreats to recent coming-of-age innovations (think: cryotherapy, DNA testing, whole-body light therapy therapy and hyperbaric chambers) are more than just health experiences for travel.

Read on to learn about some of the best spas in Bangkok and the treatments that tempt travelers from around the world.

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