Woman had 47,510 milligrams of fentanyl hidden in her body cavity

Photo: Rumford Police Department

RUMFORD, Maine (WTVO) – Police in Maine say a K9 was able to smell fentanyl hidden in her body cavity during a traffic stop this week.

As of 2011 Rumford Police DepartmentOn Sunday, May 21, detectives received a tip that Marianella Rodrigue, 47, James Lynch, 35, and Andrew Mills, 25, had left town and would soon return with a “large amount of fentanyl intended for distribution.”

An officer waited on Route 108 and spotted the vehicle around 6:30 p.m.

During the traffic stop, a K9 was used to sniff the vehicle and detect the presence of narcotics. But when the police searched the car, they found drugs.

The dog then reportedly detected a narcotic odor near Rodriguez’s groin, police said.

Police said Rodriguez surrendered “about 5 fingers” of compressed fentanyl, weighing 47,510 milligrams, hidden in her body cavity.

No drugs were found on the other men.

Rodriguez was charged with aggravated trafficking in fentanyl.

Lynch was charged with trafficking in fentanyl and a parole violation.

Mills was charged with a warrant and parole violation for trafficking in fentanyl and prior drug charges.

Police said the amount of fentanyl found represented up to 23,755 doses, with a street value of $9,500.

Each suspect faces up to 30 years in prison and a $50,000 fine if convicted.


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