Dutch chocolate milk brand Chocomel is bringing a plant-based version of its popular drink to the UK.

Owned by FrieslandCampina, the eighth largest dairy company in the world, Chocomel began operations in 1932. It led to the “one and only” tie-in, claiming that chocolate milk was the only chocolate milk consumers needed. This is because it can be enjoyed straight from the fridge or warmed up and served as a hot chocolate drink.

In addition to the dairy-free version, which was launched in the Netherlands in September, it can be drunk hot or cold. Made with cocoa, cashews and pea protein, Chocomel is plant-based to answer the growing demand for animal-free dairy products.

Gabriela Sudal, marketing manager at FrieslandCampina UK, said: “The 2021 YouGov survey found that three per cent of people in the UK are vegan and this is currently increasing.” “It was important for the plant-based chocolate to be as close to the original thick and creamy as possible.”

“Our technical team has worked tirelessly to ensure we can recreate Chocomel’s famous velvety and chocolatey taste,” added Sudhal.

Getting dairy-free chocolate milk right

Chocomel said he was reluctant to launch a vegan product until he could fully replicate the flavor he recognized outside of conventional dairy.

As a result, the brand tried several incarnations of the new product, testing different plant bases. He reported that the cashew and pea protein blend was the winning formula with 97 percent approval from the tasting panel.

“After a rigorous testing process, we were able to develop the perfect plant-based formula that delivers the classic Chocomel flavor. That way, ‘the one and only’ is known to everyone,” said Dustin Woodward, managing director of Friesland Campina Netherlands at the time.

Chocomel follows in the footsteps of other plant-based chocolate milk drinks, including those from Oatley, Alpro and Rebel Kitchen.

Chocomel Plant-Based will be available in one liter cartons in supermarkets across the UK from January 2023.

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