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The company has revolutionised the sports nutrition market by developing their supplements alongside leading football nutritionists, players and clubs worldwide. Soccer Supplement’s range of products offers a comprehensive solution for footballers; to improve endurance, strength, performance, and recovery, and to support general health, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Barry Webber, Commercial Director of Crystal Palace, said: “After two successful years, we are pleased to extend our partnership with Soccer Supplement. Ensuring our players have access to industry-leading supplements to keep them training and playing at their best is of paramount importance to us, and we look forward to working with them again to deliver the best possible sports nutrition programmes for both our Men and Women’s Teams.”

Mark Britton, Soccer Supplement’s Commercial Director, added: “We are thrilled to renew with Crystal Palace, the team have been a joy to work with from the start of our relationship and we are pleased to be supporting both the Mens and Womens team this season.”

More information can be found on Soccer Supplement’s website by clicking here. Footballers can also follow their social media accounts for advice on nutrition and training: @SoccerSupplement on Instagram and @SocSupplement on Twitter.



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