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The “Reboot” meal plan, Profile’s most popular personalized plan, is broken down into three phases: Reduce, Adapt and Sustain:

Reduce. This phase offers a simple, structured, low-calorie and low-carbohydrate nutrition plan that uses both Profile-branded items and standard grocery foods to support early weight loss. You’ll remain in the Reduce phase of the program until you’re within 15 pounds of your goal weight. This phase lets you focus on the skills, habits and behaviors outlined in the one-on-one health coaching.

“The first phase of our Reboot plan is designed to provide enhanced nutritional structure and focuses on increasing vegetable intake and choosing lean proteins and heart-healthy fats,” Burnison adds.

Adapt. In the second phase, your calorie allotment increases and “carbohydrate-containing foods, such as fruits, starches and dairy, are added to the meal plan,” Burnison explains.

Sustain. In the third and final phase, “the nutrition plan closely resembles USDA dietary guidelines,” Burnison says. During this phase, you’ll learn how to maintain your weight loss using the behaviors and skills you’ve learned along the way.

In addition to Reboot, Profile Plan offers four nutrition plans aimed at different types of people: Balance, Mom, Perform and Coaching+.

“All plans offer a different nutritional structure based on goals, health status, lifestyle status and food preferences,” Burnison says. “Reboot, Balance, Perform and Coaching+ may offer the three phases – Reduce, Adapt and Sustain. The Mom plan is specific to the pregnancy or nursing stage and the member is in to ensure adequate calories and proper nutritional intake.”

Short-Term Weight Loss

The Profile Plan’s promise guarantees that users will lose at least 15% of their body weight on this low-calorie diet within one year.

Long-Term Weight Loss

Will you lose weight on this diet? Yes, you most likely will.

Will you be able to maintain that weight loss? That’s the tricky part of any diet plan, especially one that relies so heavily on meal replacements and snacks. Even with great coaching, many people struggle to integrate what they’ve learned into the real world once the diet bubble has burst, so to speak.

Weight Maintenance and Management

Some dieters might have difficulty on their weight-loss journey once they graduate from the most restrictive phase. In the second phase, while dieters still use many Profile Plan prepackaged foods, they’re also adding more grocery store items into their diet. That shift expands in the third and final phase when members can still use the Profile Plan foods they enjoy but have mainly moved to shopping for groceries. For some, it can be difficult to transition away from the stricter phases when they’re being told what to eat and are relying on mostly packaged foods.

Burnison says Profile “strives to combat this issue through its simple, satisfying and sustainable plans, offering ongoing support and education to help members lose weight and keep it off.”