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New Delhi,UPDATED: Aug 5, 2023 11:25 IST

By Srimoyee Chowdhury: In a world where we are constantly reminded to check the nutritional value of our food, a recent Twitter post has left users in stitches. A picture of a broomstick, complete with a calorie chart, has been making rounds on the internet, causing a wave of laughter and amusement.

Broomsticks are an essential cleaning tool found in every household. They come in various shapes and sizes, designed to sweep away dirt and debris from our homes. However, this particular broomstick, as seen in the viral photograph, seems to offer more than just cleaning services.

The image, taken outside what appears to be a general store, shows broomsticks neatly packaged with a surprising addition – a calorie chart. The chart humorously suggests that the broomstick contains 150 calories per serving, detailing everything from fat to cholesterol and proteins. It’s a sight that would leave anyone baffled and amused, considering broomsticks are far from edible.

The Twitter user who shared this hilarious find captioned the image, “The broom has a calorie chart in case you decide to snack on it!” This witty remark further added to the hilarity of the situation, leaving netizens in splits.

Take a look:

The post has garnered over 32k views and tons of reactions. People couldn’t stop laughing at the hilarious gaffe. Many desi Twitter users, however, pointed out that brooms are known to reduce calories when used properly. IYKYK!

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