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[Editor’s Note: The video report above discusses improvements to the Browns stadium.]

(WJW) – Embarrassed? Social media is buzzing after Cleveland Browns kicker Cade York backtracked and deleted a post celebrating a kick in a Browns’ pre-season game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Cade York (3) Sunday, Sept. 11, 2022, in Charlotte, N.C. (AP Photo/Rusty Jones)

According to Sports Illustrated, “York’s Instagram account shared a team post celebrating his conversion of a first-half field goal.”

But later, in Thursday night’s game, he missed a pair of field-goal attempts late in the fourth quarter. The Associated Press reports the kicks likely would have given the Browns a victory.

“After the uninspiring finish to the contest, the post was deleted,” reports Sports Illustrated.

Comments from fans (or non-fans) on York’s Instagram page called out the second-year kicker for deleting the post.

“Why delete it, Cade? Fans would probably respect you more if you left it up.” said one post. “But seriously what were you thinking? Why do players even have access to phones in the locker room?”

The final score was a tie, 18-18.



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