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It’s Week 11 and Thanksgiving is next week. Additionally, most trade deadlines coincide with Thanksgiving, so we’ll focus on playoff schedules for buys and sells. Don’t forget, the 101 piece helping you with weather, trade decisions and lineups, plus, this week’s fun ranks (and reader suggestion) — Best TV and Movie Bullies.

*** Oh! And, we might have found a solution to the rankings widget issue by using Fantasy Nation (via Football Diehards). All three scorings work and are editable by me (unlike before), and the widget will let you scroll on Android (browser) without using two fingers! YAY! ***

Waivers | True SOS (APA — Wednesday update)
Fantasy Football 101 (starts, sits, trading, more)
All in Football (video pod)

2022 Week 11 Fantasy Football Sleepers

🚨 HEADS UP 🚨 These are sleepers. They will not mimic my rankings 100%. This is chasing upside and often carries more risk.


POSSIBLY START: Daniel Jones, NYG — Jones is back again after his QB13 finish, as this week is an even better matchup. Jones didn’t run as much as he did in Weeks 3, 4  and 7, but he threw two touchdowns for just the third time. The Lions are one of the best matchups you can find, with five quarterbacks scoring 24.7+ and five quarterbacks throwing two or more touchdowns. The Lions have also allowed four games of 40+ rushing yards to QBs, including Justin Fields’ bananas Week 10.


POSSIBLY START: Brian Robinson, WSH — While Antonio Gibson seems reborn in this timeshare role, don’t overlook Robinson for a potential repeat of Week 10. The Eagles matchup wasn’t favorable, yet Robinson fought his way into the end zone. He won’t have to fight much this week, as the Texans allow the most FPPG to running backs with a league-high 1,407 rushing yards (next closest is 1,228) and 13 rushing touchdowns.

HAIL MARY START: Cordarrelle Patterson and Tyler Allgeier, ATL — With a combined 38 rushing yards in Week 10 — 23 total yards given Allgeier’s -17 yards receiving — it might be hard to start either or both. Fortunately, the Bears have struggled to keep running backs out of the end zone with 12 rushing touchdowns allowed, including three games with multiple rushing scores.


POSSIBLY START: Courtland Sutton, DEN — Even if Jerry Jeudy can play this week, Sutton is worth a start given the thinness of receivers due to byes and injuries. This Russell Wilson-led offense has been mostly hard to look at, but the Raiders can be a cure for what ails. Sutton and Jeudy both scored in Week 4 against them, and the Raiders have allowed 10 double-digit wideout scores and eight touchdowns this year, including letting Matt Ryan have a nice showing in his return.

POSSIBLY START: Josh Palmer, LAC — The Chiefs have allowed a double-digit score to a wideout in every game outside of the Malik Willis Titans game, with four games of teammates going over 10 fantasy points. Palmer is back in play, as DeAndre Carter was here last week, but Carter’s upside depends on if Keenan Allen returns. Palmer is startable either way.

HAIL MARY START: D.J. Moore, CAR — As mentioned in this week’s Waiver Worries, Moore is possibly toast with Baker Mayfield back, but that’s why he’s a Hail Mary play now. The Ravens have played better of late, but every receiver with 9+ targets against the Ravens has put up at least 8.5 fantasy points, with an average of 11.8 targets, 114 yards and four total touchdowns (and 18.0 FPPG). Of course, this relies on Mayfield not looking like a dunce.


HAIL MARY START: Greg Dulcich, DEN — Back to the Broncos, and I know, putting your faith in more than one/the team is a lot to ask. The Raiders haven’t given up a ton to tight ends, but Gerald Everett, Zach Ertz and Travis Kelce all had nice games… especially Kelce (30.0 points). The rest of the opposing tight ends are mediocre, yet Geoff Swaim, Jordan Akins, Taysom Hill and Kylen Granson all had 7.7+ points. Dulcich was disappointing last week, but he has 21 targets in his four games, 17 of those targets for 12-182-1 and 30.2 points in his first three games.

Fun with Rankings!
Best Bullies in Movies and TV

Thanks to @_jds_jds for this idea. I joked that Rachaad White took Qandree Diggs’ lunch money in Germany, and he responded by asking for the top TV/movie bullies of all time. Of course, seeing bullies get their comeuppance is extremely gratifying, but let’s pound these out (pun intended).

  1. Biff Tannen, Back to the Future — When you think “bully,” there is likely no character who comes to mind quicker than Biff.
  2. Vegeta, Dragon Ball Z — Before redeeming himself by sacrificing his life (spoilers) against Majin Buu, Vegeta was the original bully of the Dragon Ball Z characters, who still bullied them even while teaming up with them occasionally and seemingly turning the corner in the Cell saga before letting his jealousy get the best of him again. Arguably the best DBZ (and Super) character.
  3. Johnny Lawrence, Karate Kid — Honestly, you can argue John Kreese is the true bully mastermind — especially if you’ve seen Cobra Kai — but Lawrence was the classic 80s movie bully, with a posse and all.
  4. Deebo, Friday — The most imposing bully of all time? Snatching chains and bikes.
  5. Nelson Muntz, Simpsons — Likable and hateable at the same time.

  6. Joffrey Baratheon, Game of Thrones — Is there another bully with more impact in a shorter rein and, of course, a more celebrated death?
  7. Eric Cartman, South Park — Few carry the balance of bully, friend, funny and obnoxious more than Cartman does.
  8. Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter — Even his face screams bully.
  9. Roger Klotz, Doug — Roger is now 45 by the way. Held back in school multiple times, he’s older than Doug and his friends and gets the joy of being the town bully. The guy would just pop in on Doug to tell him he sucks or torture him.
  10. Flash Thompson, Spider-Man things — Hated and bullied Peter Parker incessantly, but like some of the list, he’s redeemed later by becoming friends with Peter after finding out he is Spider-Man and then Agent Venom.
  11. Fred O’Bannion, Dazed and Confused — That paddle. That is all.
  12. Regina George, Mean Girls — Such a terrible character that you don’t even feel bad for her after the revenge.
  13. White Goodman, DodgeBall — So many GIFs still used (touche, go ahead make your jokes Mr. Jokey, and more, including…)

  14. Ace Merrill, Stand by Me — Tried to kill a kid. I mean…
  15. Angelica Pickles, Rugrats — She went on most adventures, but Angelica was also an obnoxious bully of the other Rugrats, partly being the oldest, partly worse because of her voice.
  16. Mr. Burns, Simpsons — Rich tormentor of power plant employees and sometimes the entire city of Springfield.
  17. Pete, Goofy things — Later became Goofy’s friend in A Goofy Movie, but was Goofy’s terrorizer and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come in the Disney’s Christmas Carol.
  18. Candace Flynn, Phineas and Ferb — I never watched the show, but the fiancé wanted her to make the Top 20.
  19. Bluto, Popeye — Better left in those past times.
  20. O’Doyles, Billy Madison — Generations of bullies all taken out in one random car accident.


With the trade deadline close, I’m going to list some best and worst SOS for the playoffs (only)


  • Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, SF — 4th: SEA, WSH, LV
  • Lamar Jackson, QB, BAL — 6th: CLE, ATL, PIT
  • Derrick Henry, RB, TEN — 1st: LAC, HOU, DAL
  • Alvin Kamara, RB, NO — 2nd: ATL, CLE, PHI
  • Leonard Fournette, RB, TB — 3rd: CIN, ARI, CAR
  • George Pickens and Diontae Johnson, WR, PIT — 2nd: CAR, LV, BAL
  • Chris Olave (and maybe others), WR, NO — 5th
  • Greg Dulcich, TE, DEN — 3rd: ARI, LAR, KC
  • Pat Freiermuth, TE, PIT — 4th


  • Tua Tagovailoa, QB, MIA — 30th: BUF, GB, NE
  • Joe Burrow, QB, CIN — 27th: TB, NE, BUF
  • Josh Jacobs, RB, LV — 32nd: NE, PIT, SF
  • Joe Mixon, RB, CIN — 30th
  • Allen Robinson, WR, LAR — 32nd: GB, DEN, LAC
  • Christian Kirk, WR, JAX — 28th: DAL, NYJ, HOU
  • David Njoku, TE, CLE — 30th: BAL, NO, WSH
  • Dallas Goedert, TE, PHI — 28th: CHI, DAL, NO

Week 11 Fantasy Football Projections

🚨 HEADS UP 🚨 These can differ from my rankings, and my ranks are the order I’d start players outside of added context, such as, “Need highest upside, even if risky.” Also, based on 4-point TDs for QB, 6-point rest, and Half-PPR

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***These are NOT updated Sunday morning, FYI***

Week 11 Fantasy Football Rankings


  • We found a solution to the rankings widget issue by using Fantasy Nation (via Football Diehards). All three scorings work and are editable by me (unlike before), and the widget will let you scroll on Android (browser) without using two fingers! YAY!
  • Updated regularly, so check all the way up to lineups locking.

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