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Major League Baseball’s getting ready for October with the unveiling of the league’s suite of 2023 Postseason logos. This includes the 2023 World Series logo and the 2023 LCS, LDS, and Wildcard logos.

The logos were unveiled courtesy of a 2023 Postseason schedule press release and their inclusion on the league’s official Postseason site.

This year’s logos give off the impression that the league might be starting to settle into a themed look from year to year with their Postseason graphics. We’re carrying over the blue and gold colour scheme used thrice previously in 2017, 2020, and again last season in 2022 as well as the gold horizontal bars that we saw in 2020 and 2022.

The World Series logo incorporates the Commissioner’s Trophy for the first time since 2017 and just the third time since the league started creating logos for the Series (honestly, it should be in there every year, it really adds to the prestige of the event!).

LINK: The history of World Series Logos

As was the case in 2022, the ALDS and NLDS logos swap out the gold for silver. This is the only round in which the gold is removed from the logos for silver; not even the Wildcard round does this. I’m not entirely sure of the reason for it. If the idea was to alter the colours as the rounds grow in importance, perhaps start the Wildcard and LDS rounds in bronze, the LCS logos in silver, and the World Series in gold?

There’s not much in terms of the overall design of the 2023 Postseason logos – with the exception of the trophy being included in the 2023 World Series logo, these designs are a simple wordmark paired with horizontal lines. The year is placed above the wordmark in gold (or silver for the LDS round), and the bars frame each line of text with the respective advertiser’s logos centred below, breaking up the bars.

Taking a look back at the recent history of World Series logos, you can clearly see the similarities in colour and structure between this year’s and what was used in 2017, 2020, and 2022.

I know I’m biased towards my Toronto Blue Jays, but I’ll never prefer any logo to what was used in 1992 and 1993… now, if I *HAD* to choose another design, I do think that the 2015 World Series logo is pretty great.

Major League Baseball created its first official logo for a World Series in 1978 in honour of the 75th edition of the Fall Classic. It carried over the same style of logo again in 1979 (swapping out the “75th” for a “76th”) before developing a new design in 1980 which they used for seven seasons. In 1987, a new logo was developed which coincided with the first appearance of an on-field World Series patch which was worn only by the St. Louis Cardinals in that year’s final series against Minnesota. Another new design followed in 1992 and then another in 1998 before the league switched to re-designing the logo every year starting with the 2000 World Series logo.

LINK: The history of World Series Logos