Mets fuming at Stroman, Carlos Correa injury, Soroka watch

Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa. MLB Rumors, Carlos Correa, Braves, Marcus Stroman (Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports)

MLB Rumors: Carlos Correa’s contract drama is back in play

Carlos Correa has signed with three teams this offseason, only to have two of those deals terminated due to questionable medicals. Correa’s ankle looked like a catch for both the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets, both of whom signed Scott Boras’ client to $300 million+ deals.

So far this season, Correa hasn’t looked like the same player. He was even booed by Minnesota Twins fans. When asked by the media what he thought of the mockery, Correa clearly understood why.

“If I play like that and I’m in the standings, I’ll encourage myself with the amount of money I’ll get. It’s obvious. [the booing] It is accepted. It’s part of the game, part of the sport. Fans want production and fans want a team that is out there competing and winning games. “It’s to be expected when you play poorly,” Correa said.

The Stars shortstop had a bout with plantar fasciitis this week, and could be out for a while as a result. But this is not related to the old injury that cost Correa millions, as it is his right ankle. In this case, Correa’s left leg will be out for the next few weeks.

Finally, every big contract has risks of injury. It was surprising to see both the Giants and Mets contracts fall through even with enough threats. Correa’s poor play should be the bigger issue going forward, rather than a nagging leg muscle injury.


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