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New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso (20) is greeted after scoring against the Chicago Cubs in the third inning at Wrigley Field.

Amid a strong start to the 2023 season, Pete Alonso They joined Bad state show with Scott Brown As well as former players Erik Kratz And Todd Frazier on Friday to discuss the Mets’ recent stretch and his own performance.

This year, Alonso has keyed in on his ability to make in-game adjustments based on his pre-match preparations.

“It’s really difficult from a supporter’s point of view,” Alonso said. “Hitting is somewhere between art and science. You want to do your homework. You never know until you go. You don’t know what it’s like until you’re in the game box.

One area Alonso has allowed himself to develop this season is seeing more bunts and walks to get on base. The rate of sledding walks is up from 9.8 percent a year ago to 12 percent this year.

“The thing I’m proudest of this year is that I’m walking,” Alonso said. “I have high quality bats. I had lines. I’ve had no balls dropped. “One thing I’m proud of is walking.”

While Alonso’s impact at the plate has been clear in New York’s first two months, Alonso has also answered questions about avoiding drama in the New York market and his teammate’s ability to play young players. Francisco Alvarez And Brett Batt.

“They are professionals,” Alonso said. “They love the game. They work hard. They’re good guys as far as I can see. I care. I work hard and do my best. As a ballplayer, that’s all I want to do professionally. I want to play well and make a good impact on others.

With a league-leading 19 home runs, Alonso is the frontrunner to once again participate in the Home Run Derby during the All-Star break. The league leader mentioned that the decision will be based on the invitation of the league.

“They haven’t invited me yet,” Alonso said. “I want an invitation. I can’t just come uninvited. Normally, it’s someone from the league who calls me or my agent. “Once I’m invited, I’ll make that decision.”

Alonso’s league-leading total could continue to increase with less than two months to go before the All-Star break. If he takes part in the Home Run Derby, Alonso will be chasing his third crown in the last five races.