MLB sends message over wave of ejections

Yankees manager Aaron Boone was suspended for one game Friday after picking up three hits in a 10-game span.

Aaron Boone has had the experience of not finishing games in the Yankees dugout the past two weeks. Now it will not be in the garbage pit from the beginning.

MLB suspended the Yankees manager for one game against the Padres on Friday because of his recent behavior toward major league umpires, including being ejected from the game against the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium on Thursday night. “

MBB fines Aaron Boone with a suspension for referee misconduct.

Boone’s exit on Thursday stemmed from complaints about home plate umpire Edwin Moscoso calling questionable pitches and balls. The manager confronted the umpire, but it’s unclear what the league meant by “steps taken following his dismissal” on Thursday.

The league reserves the right to fine Boone for going up against the umpires multiple times in the last 10 games. If you’ve been fired on three separate occasions during that time, you’ve got to find a way to get around your feelings somehow.

But this is MLB’s issue on many fronts.

First of all, MLB allows the tradition of slapping umpires in the face by not issuing significant suspensions more often than not. An NBA coach would be in serious trouble if he faced an NBA ref the way MLB managers do to MLB umpires every week.

But there is a bigger issue. MLB allows this to happen because MLB managers are usually right. Moscoo missed tackles and tackles in those opening games.

This certainly wasn’t the most egregious case of home plate umpire missing calls, but it often happens because managers lose their minds. And those umpires rarely face any consequences other than a spit in the face by an angry manager.

Set the standard for both managers and judges and it will all be less of a problem.



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