LOST – For all the damage that Covid-19 has caused everywhere, no high school sport has been hit harder than wrestling.

Nonewag and Northwestern, programs that thrived before the pandemic, squared off in their opening game Wednesday evening at Northwestern High School.

Nonnewaug, a storied Class S power, may be unique, with 17 kids on the roster filling all but one of the 14 weight classes.

Northwest, on the other hand, is typically more so. program, the Highlanders fielded five starters from their seven-man squad Wednesday, all but two of them freshmen, before Vivid and a close encounter to challenge Nonnewag’s Berkshire League supremacy.

The roster is up from three last year.

“I’m excited to have some freshmen,” coach Dan Langer said. “If they stick with the program, we can build on them.”

Even the Chiefs, the defending league and Berkshire/NVL Tournament postseason champions, have a roster with more freshmen and sophomores in a sport that is more experience-based than most.

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