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At Affiliate Wealth Management Studios, the best bowler in the world is not very often!

The Wisconsin Afternoon News had the opportunity to speak with Professional Bowling Association CEO Jason Belmonte.

The discussion began with a focus on Belmont’s two-handed bowling technique, which he said he developed at a young age at his parent’s bowling center in Australia.

“When I was 18 months old, I was strong enough to pick up a ball … all by myself, but I could only do it with two hands,” Belmonte told WTMJ. “Because my parents weren’t coaches, they weren’t bowlers… As I got older… they never tried to change me.”

Belmonte shared his experience bowling in the captain’s match against Tommy Jones at the home of the famous Holler in Milwaukee earlier this month.

“There’s this kind of buzz that’s gone down here in the basement before … I’m going to add a little bit more to it when you go up to those lines and throw the ball. There will be people talking about what this place is and how maybe in another century the PBA tour pros came here and bowled at the Holler House.

If you want to watch World Series Bowling this week, you can find a full list of events here.



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