While the Boston Red Sox announced offseason addition Masataka Yoshida on Thursday, outfielder Scott Boras hinted at an interesting note about his trip to Boston.

Boras, who represents a long list of premiership players in Major League Baseball, was asked whether or not Yoshida was the only topic of conversation with the Red Sox during the visit. And the 70-year-old responded with a message for interpretation.

“I’m like a neighborhood fruit stand — always open for business,” Boras said. Translated by Alex Spier The Boston Globe.

The postseason certainly didn’t provide much of a break for Boras. Some big names — Carlos Correa, Xander Bogaerts and Jacob deGrom — have been Boras’ clients this season. Not to mention, there are still a few waiting for Boras’ salary from when he was at Fenway Park alongside Yoshida and the Red Sox.

As of Thursday, here are some of Boras’ prospects on the market, likely for the Red Sox to explore:

– Left-handed starting pitcher Carlos Rodon.
– Shortstop Elvis Andrus
– Right fielder Michael Conforto
– Shortstop Jose Iglesias
– Outfielder Jurickson Profar

Bloom mentioned that he intends to explore the Red Sox’s in-house and out-of-state options before they officially make their starting shortstop decision next season. After Bogaerts signed with the San Diego Padres, Bloom admitted that potential replacements weren’t “off the table.”

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