Is the looming threat of the coldest stretch of winter getting you down? Want to escape the rough and tumble of Wall Street?

Then allow it Financial planning To transport you back to the dog days of summer and straight to the heart of Surf City.

Unlock a unique perspective this holiday season Future proof holiday In a series of interviews with insiders and reporters Financial planning Editorial team.

In this clip, MBB star Dexter Fowler talks to Wealthtech reporter Justin L. Mack about his passion for learning about dollars and cents. The World Series champion said he had a lot of money coming out of high school and wasn’t sure how to handle his wealth at such a young age.

Thankfully, his parents gave him a solid foundation, and his frugal nature kept him on track. Now he’s on a mission to learn more and share that knowledge with the next generation of baseball superstars.

Mack Fowler, a native of Cleveland, does everything he can to overcome the fact that he was hit Historic, Game 7 leading home run That will help the Chicago Cubs secure a crucial W against Cleveland in the 2016 World Series.

Watch the full interview below.

Billed as the first Fortune Festival, Future Proof drew more than 2,200 people to Huntington Beach, California earlier this year. Financial planning He was the sponsor of the event. Future confirmation dates of 2023 have already been announced. The event is slated to return to the beach September 10-13, 2023.


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