Adams bumped into Kicks legend John Stark on a cell tower in front of his Kia dealership.

Knicks legend John Stark has gone from “posting” all-time NBA great Michael Jordan to being towered over by Mayor Eric Adams.

Adams’ administration has approved the installation of a white 32-foot 5G cell phone tower in front of a Starks Kia dealership in Queens — a structure that will house the longest 7-footer the Knicks star played and competed against in the 1990s. – including Patrick Ewing and Hakeem Olajuwon.

A tower at the corner of 87th Avenue and Queens Boulevard blocks the view of Stark’s name on the vendor across the street.

Stark – On May 25, 1993, in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, he became a New York sports legend – so incensed by the “eye for an eye” that he called Queens Borough President Donovan Richards. To register a complaint.

Stark tells Richard that they weren’t notified by the city before they decided to erect the tower 10 feet in front of the dealership.

The city’s Office of Technology and Innovation is overseeing the installation of 2,000 Link 5G street towers to bolster service — including 18 in Community Board 8 on the Upper East Side.

Cell phone tower, John Starks Kia Dealership.
A city-approved cell phone tower towers over Knicks legend John Starks’ Kia car dealership in Queens, even blocking the building’s nameplate.
Steve Vago
John Stark.
John Stark played most of his NBA career in New York.
NBAE via Getty Images

Richards, a die-hard Knicks fan who fondly remembers Stark’s dunk on Jordan, said he supports the city’s Wi-Fi expansion program, but said officials made a mistake by hooking up and putting it on a Link 5G tower in front of Starks’ store.

“If the city isn’t planning to put a 10-foot-tall wheel on the tower and fly Michael Jordan to Sunnyside, John Stark to toil over it again, moving this pole is a small but significant victory for transparency,” Richards told the Post.

“We appreciate the investment in expanding high-speed Internet service in the area, but as the Stark Knicks team has done in the front office, Queens should have clear communication from the city before such deployments come to the area — especially as residents must pay for the 5G service these towers provide.”

Damien Corbett, dealer manager for John Stark Kia, confirmed Stark was frustrated with the tower’s placement.

Eric Adams.
Mayor Eric Adams’ administration has approved the installation of a 32-foot cell phone tower in front of a Starks car dealership.
Stephen Young

“Essentially, one thing is that the current location is in front of our supplier and blocking our signal. We’re not in favor of free WiFi, but where they are is a problem,” Corbett said.

“The area in front of our front door is the hardest part…it doesn’t serve anyone well. “It wasn’t made known in any way, shape or fashion until the day they came and said, ‘We’re going to build a WiFi tower here,'” Corbett added.

Stark was on his honeymoon and unavailable for comment, but Corbett, his boss, calls the tower “definitely an eyesore”.

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. said he received a complaint from John Stark about the cell phone tower erected in front of the car dealership.

5G mobile phone tower.

The city installed a 5G cell phone tower just feet from the Knicks’ flagship John Stark car dealership.

A 32-foot cell phone tower.

Like Knicks great John Starks, residents of the Upper East Side oppose the installation of cell phone towers in their neighborhoods.

Maybe the city can accommodate the change. The tower in front of the Stark dealership isn’t working yet. A sign on it says, “Link Nisi will be powered up soon.”

The mayor’s office and the Office of Technology and Innovation had no comment.




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