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Many predicted it and now it’s clear that the Los Angeles Lakers‘ 2022/22 season is an absolute failure. If they continue like this, they will be able to break several records, but negative ones.

Coach Darvin Ham has asked for patience, but the games continue to pass and there seems to be no solution, with the Lakers now at 2-10.

LeBron James: “Our record is our record”

Nobody is escaping criticism, not even the team’s superstar LeBron James.

According to ESPN journalist Stephen A. Smith, James should leave the franchise for the good of the team, as he would be a great bargaining chip to bring in other players who could improve the team overall and build for the future.

Stephen A. Smith thinks the Lakers should trade LeBron James

LeBron James has got to go because he’s the only one with value, even in his 20th season in the league,” the journalist said.

LeBron James would go somewhere and you got teams desperate enough where they might be willing to sacrifice some picks, they might be willing to sacrifice some assets in order to get the magnitude of LeBron James to sell tickets for their franchise.”

Stephen A. Smith also argued that Darvin Ham is actually a good coach and that schematically they are playing very well.

However, the shots just aren’t going in, as the Lakers don’t have much quality right now.

The team clearly needs a major revolution, and trading away LeBron James might be one solution.