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In the year For NBA fans longing for the return of the physicality of the 1990s, that day probably won’t come anytime soon.

We are talking to a former player. Kevin Garnett In his performance certificate, league commissioner Adam Silver He believed that the game had become “too physical” in the later part of the decade and was not aesthetically pleasing.

“It emphasizes a player’s unique skills and probably puts too much weight on physicality,” Silver said, “where a big, strong player can come in and prevent an incredibly skilled player from doing those types of things.

I think – he’s not a little guy – but he’s like a little player. Steph Curry, what he can do on the floor. I think when you think about some of his shooting ability, his ability to move in the paint, if guys just beat him and knock him to the floor – like he once was in the league – I don’t. Think this will be a better basketball brand.

For years, there was a growing sense that the NBA had become “soft” due to rules that lowered the level of personal fouls. That low level paved the way for “slippage.”

Silver said the league is actively working to maintain balance.

“I also think we need to find the right balance,” he said. “When I sit in the stands or sometimes I talk to my friends because I know they want to go back and we tried to get a little more physicality back. I think people like to see a strong defense.

“Obviously, we’ve made some changes this offseason, unnatural basketball moves — you know what I’m talking about — (penalized). Players were gaming the system somehow. Great players who play by the rules have finally found ways to become a defensive offense.

In addition to the rule tweak for the 2022 season, the league is now considering punishing flops with a technical penalty kick.

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