The Boston Celtics will gain a lot of depth in the proposed trade

The NBA Analysis Network has proposed a three-team trade involving the Boston Celtics that would be considered a major win for the second unit — trading Malcolm Brogdon to the Suns in exchange for the Grizzlies’ 2025 first-round pick and bringing back Tyce. Jones and Steven Adams to Boston, and landed Deandre Ayton in Memphis.

The Celtics, in this case, return a direct replacement in Jones, who is three years younger and has played 80 games for Memphis in the 2022-23 season, compared to Brogdon’s 67. The two seasons before that totaled 92 games.

Not only that, but Adams would be a perfect rotation behind Al Horford and/or Robert Williams III. If the Celtics front office wants to move on from the injury-prone Williams, Adams could step into a backup role to rely on guys with more historical reach.

The Boston Celtics aren’t getting that much value for Malcolm Brogdon.

Brogodon’s torn anterior cruciate ligament, which took the guard out of Game 5, may complicate his value, but regardless, the Boston Celtics have $45 million left in the deal for a player on the wrong side of the 30th. Not until he bounces back and has an undeniably great Conference Finals/NBA Finals performance.

That’s not to say Brogdon’s performance won’t age well. While his game isn’t as reliant on flashy athleticism as some of his peers, Brogdon’s floor awareness and efficient shooting should make him a valuable rotation player in his mid-30s.

The bottom line is that front offices aren’t too enthusiastic about acquiring the injury-prone Brogdon players currently in the sport. If Boston does the unthinkable in the Eastern Conference Finals, he could just be a long-term cog in the CS machine.

That’s far from a bad thing considering his strong playoff performances in 2023 and the last several strong campaigns that preceded them.


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