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The Golden State Warriors’ legend and sharpshooter Klay Thompson just appeared on Paul George’s show Podcast P with Paul George, presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment, and had plenty of things to say about his former teammate Jordan Poole and the Washington Wizards. The entire interview is certainly worth watching, but the most relevant part of it was when Thompson was discussing the newest member of the Washington Wizards, Jordan Poole.

Thompson had nothing but wonderful things to say about Poole, even predicting he will be a future All-Star. Whether the 24-year-old scoring guard can reach those levels remains to be seen, but what is certain is that the new dynamic duo of Kyle Kuzma and Jordan Poole may have a new nickname: Swaggy Buckets.

In the interview, Thompson says he is looking forward to watching Poole alongside Kuzma, and “those are going to be the swaggiest buckets ever.”

Not only does Thompson know a thing or two about catch nicknames as a member of the “splash brothers”, but he also gets swaggy buckets himself. And he may have a point. Poole and Kuzma are known to be willing shooters who are not afraid of the moment. They will put on a show and score a lot of buckets. Whether they will do it super efficiently is another question, but they will most definitely look good doing it.

Most importantly, Kyle Kuzma seems to be approving of the new nickname. After the podcast episode went live yesterday, Kuz tweeted this:

If it’s good enough for Kuzma, it’s good enough for us. We can start calling Poole & Kuzma “swaggy buckets” but they will have to back that nickname up with their play on the court next season. Just like Klay Thompson, we are looking forward to seeing them on the court together.




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