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The Golden State Warriors are greatly looking forward to their first season after the Chris Paul trade. Still, much work needs to be done if the team is to compete for another title.

The Warriors have a determined mindset toward the NBA’s inaugural in-season tournament. Paul, the former Phoenix Suns star, revealed what he’s “most excited about” recently.

The team will attempt to win its seventh title in franchise history without Jordan Poole, one of the franchise’s most recognizable players and top offensive options.

Draymond Green’s preseason punch of Poole made national headlines and divided the Warriors’ locker room. Now, Warriors legend Andre Iguodala has fired back at Poole’s critics, stating that the former Michigan guard contributed something to the team that was incredibly vital last season.

For our discussion on Wemby’s potential to surpass LeBron, listen below:

“He was the only one that got to the line for us consistently,” Iguodala said about Poole’s 2022-2023 season. “People act like he had a bad year. I’m like, a bad year? Ya’ll blame him for the year we had last year? He averaged 20.”

Poole is known mostly for his outside shooting ability. Last season, he averaged over five free throws per game, first on the Warriors team.

The Washington Wizards are hoping that Poole will have a fresh start in the Capital City as the franchise’s new cornerstone. Meanwhile, Golden State is prepared to move forward with Paul after their 2023 schedule was finally revealed.

Poole’s return to the Chase Center in San Francisco is scheduled for this December. Poole’s minutes are expected to be taken by Moses Moody, Paul, and Gary Payton II and Cory Joseph among others.