Which Boston Celtics has played the most Game 7s in the postseason?

When it comes to playing in Game 7s in NBA playoff history, Boston Celtics fans won’t be surprised to learn that the club has several of their former players on any list of NBA greatest players. The most Game 7s in their careers.

But when you consider the Celtics’ dominance from the 1950s to the precipice of the 1970s, with a long streak in the mid-seventies, eighties and final years, it makes sense that such lists would be populated by Boston alumni.

Let’s look at the record books to find out.

No. 16 (tie) 9 Game 7s: KC Jones

No. 16 (tie) 9 Game 7: Frank Ramsey

Frank Ramsey Boston Celtics

Frank Ramsey Boston Celtics

No. 16 (tie) 9 Game 7s: Tommy Heinsohn

No. 16 (tie) 9 Game 7: Danny Ainge

No. 16 (tie) 9 Game 7s: Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O & # 39;  Nel

Shaquille O’Neal

No. 9 (tie) 10 Game 7: Bob Cousy

No. 9 (tie) 10 Game 7: Paul Silas

No. 9 (tie) 10 Game 7s: Don Nelson

No. 7 (tie) 11 Game 7: Tom Sanders

Tom Sachs Sanders Boston Celtics

Tom Sachs Sanders Boston Celtics

No. 3 (tie) 12 Game 7: Sam Jones

Sam Jones Boston Celtics

Sam Jones Boston Celtics

No. 3 (tie) 12 Game 7s: John Havlicek

John Havlicek Boston Celtics

John Havlicek Boston Celtics

No. 2 – 13 Game 7s: Bill Russell

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