Lisa McCaffrey, mother of San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey, has beef with Skip Bayless.

The subject of his online buffoonery kicked off the latest episode of McCaffrey’s podcast, “Your Mother,” which aired last Thursday but started making the rounds this week.

Host Ashley Adamson asked her if she had seen McCaffrey. Bayless Twitter About the Niners running back. The offensive Fox Sports personality said he would take Dallas’ Tony Pollard over McCaffrey because he is “a little more explosive.”

Bayless had copied the “e” and “r” in McCaffrey’s name on Twitter. Adamson deliberately called out his name while reading the tweet, drawing her attention.

“He’s Jebroni,” McCaffrey replied. She describes Jaboronin as used in a hockey context, a person sent only to go into battle – an accurate description of Bayless’ general agreement.

“That’s his job,” she continued. “He is not a real journalist. First of all, he is not a real journalist because he misspelled Christian’s name! Sorry, let’s get back to the basics here. … After reading that and seeing the spelling mistake, I’m like, well, I have no faith in what this guy is saying.

McCaffrey went on to express her support for Shannon Sharpe, Bayless’ faux-opponent on Fox and her husband’s former teammate Ed McCaffrey. “I’m always by your side,” she said of Sharpe. She then concluded her parting message to Bayless:

“Get my son’s name out of your mouth.”

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