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The Cincinnati Bengals introduced a white color rush helmet last season, and it instantly became a favorite among fans.

There was a catch, though — the helmet could only be worn with a classic jersey, an alternate third jersey, or a color rush jersey. That limits what Cincinnati could do with the well-received helmets.

The team is hoping to change that as they have sent a letter to the NFL in an attempt to be able to wear the helmets with different jerseys.

Here’s a glimpse of what was sent to the NFL and a touch more commentary on the situation.

There isn’t a huge difference between the two jerseys, but it would look better with the white uniforms to have the white helmets. It’ll be interesting to see if the league allows the change, as it would impact other franchises as well.

There will undoubtedly be updates on this situation to come, but hopefully, for all of our sake, the NFL changes this minor inconvenience for Cincinnati.

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