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A sixth loss and an offense that can barely make it into double-digits is making Broncos Country pretty agitated.

So agitated that some are even pining for Pat Shurmur.

And once again it’s being totally wasted.

Because time and time again, game after game, drive after drive, the defense does things.

Things that actually help the offense.

It didn’t help the offense that the offensive line was basically a rotation of third-string players or that its top wide receivers and running back are all out with injury.

But as Andrew Mason also explained, this bad-offense-good-defense thing isn’t just one game or a few games.

It has literally been the Broncos’ M.O. since 2016.

As frustration mounts, calls for changes at head coach (and some for QB) are rolling in.

Whether you like it or not, Russell Wilson is going nowhere. His contract is staying right here for this team to figure out how to make it valuable in the next four to five years.

But his head coach is most certainly on the hot seat and it would do Nathaniel Hackett well to decide to change some things if he wants a chance at keeping his job.