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The Dallas Cowboys are one day away from visiting the Green Bay Packers and when the toe finally meets the ball, all of the narratives that went into this game will finally be in the rearview mirror. One of those narratives was the speculation as to whether or not Ezekiel Elliott is going to play.

Dallas is coming off of their bye week but the game before it did not feature Elliott which is a rare occurrence for Zeke in his career. Dallas has been extremely conservative with Zeke’s usage this year and is factoring in the marathon of the season into their decision-making.

If you are into reading tea leaves then you may have began to believe that Elliott won’t play against Green Bay on Saturday afternoon. Why is that exactly? The Cowboys elevated running back Qadree Ollison which gives them a fourth on the roster. They also elevated guard Dakoda Shepley.

Obviously anything is possible but it does not seem like the Cowboys would elevate Ollison just to have a fourth running back available to them. The most likely situation here seems to be that the team wants to have a third available since they plan (speaking in terms of what is likely here, not stating any sort of fact) on holding Zeke out once again. When you factor in that ESPN’s Ed Werder specifically said it will be a conservative decision it all makes even more sense.

We will not know for certain what the Cowboys plan on doing with Elliott until 90 minutes before kickoff, but right now things to appear to be tilting in a certain direction.